Farmyard Little Owls.

Again, another early start and long drive ahead, farmyard in Suffolk this time was the destination.   

This time, I had been invited to a working farmyard with a home to a family of little owls, as it turned out, I had chosen what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far to sit in a hide 30+°  !!!!

This day, two camera`s were employed, one tripod mounted within the hide, and one as can be seen below, on a remote trigger, how this camera never cooked that day is still beyond me. 

Given the heart of the day, it was a surprize that any of the owls ventured out into that heat, but thankfully, the little guy on the left, did put in an appearance 2/3 times through the day, given me the chance to obtain theis shot of the bird within its own environment. 

The main home to the owls complete with owlets, was in a log pile directly in front of my hide, covered by a tarpaulin, perfect hideout.

To my right was an old barn, I noticed, a number of times, one of the adults would fly into the barn in search of prey, the barn had its main door missing, looking across into it it was very dark with just the one post seen, setting camera to under exposing by two stops, I prefocused on the post, I waited, and wait for what seemed an age-  

my prayers were answered, one of the adults flew into the barn to hunt, but for me, it took up residents on the post, and just seemed to pose for the camera as can be seen on the image. 

With the sun now moving around behind me and the temperature increasing, life in te hide was getting increasingly unbearable, with some 5+litres of water having already been consumed, and also not being able to leave the hide for fear of spooking the birds.

By about 4pm, the heat by now had become unbearable, add to this, the vast majority of cold drink had now run out, just being left with one small bottle of by now warm water, it was time to call it a day.
Getting back to the car, it was like an oven inside, so, ignition on, door sut, air con on full!!!!, so by the time the gear was packed on board, the car was chilled!!!!!

Just two things remained to do, a 2.5 hour journey home, and a stop at "KFC" on the way.